Arno Schuitemaker


The End - part 2

What does togetherness mean in today’s world? What draws us closer? How does transparency strengthen interaction?

The End - part 2 explores a shifting world of relationships: between the three performers, between the performers and video, between live and prerecorded. The performance feels like a collection of short stories in which energy, stillness, sensitivity, distortion, and desire confront and meet each other.

With a play of coming and being together, letting go and leaving, seeing and being seen, the performers show different sides of themselves and, eventually, dissolve physical boundaries — even in opposition, our different spaces can be shared.

For The End - part 2, Arno Schuitemaker continues the collaboration with performers Ivan Ugrin, Mark Christoph Klee, and Angelo Petracca, underlining the meaning of interpersonal connections. The music is composed by Aart Strootman, and the light design is created by Jean Kalman, two artists whom Arno also worked with in several other productions. He has invited video artist Gilbert Nouno to join the team for this work.

Photo: Bart Grietens

Photo: Bart Grietens

Photo: Bart Grietens

Photo: Bart Grietens

Photo: Lonneke van der Palen



Concept and creation: Arno Schuitemaker
Performers: Mark Christoph Klee, Ivan Ugrin, Angelo Petracca
Dramaturgy: Guy Cools
Lighting design: Jean Kalman
Music: Aart Strootman
Video: Gilbert Nouno
Costumes: Victor Klijsen
Set design: Jean Kalman and Arno Schuitemaker
Technical producer: Maarten van Burken
Video technician: Daan hazendonk
Technicians: Sander Schaart and Ruben Lijbers
Outside eye: Miguel A. Melgares
The movement material is created in collaboration with the performers.


The End - part 2 is a production by SHARP/ArnoSchuitemaker in coproduction with Montpellier Danse as part of the residency at Agora, International City of Dance, with the support of the BNP Paribas Foundation, Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie, La Place de la Danse CDCN Toulouse - Occitanie. Supported by The Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Ammodo, and Fonds21.