Arno Schuitemaker



Exhilarating in its intensity and magical in its simplicity, WHILE WE STRIVE gives new life to the relationship between sound and movement.

Shifting between rustling murmur, deep sub-bass beats and percussive, powerful rhythms, three performers exude a tremendous amount of energy. They circle their arms, undulate, bounce and tremble with their bodies.

Setting the senses in motion, WHILE WE STRIVE blends everything into a riveting symbiotic experience: seeing becomes hearing and hearing becomes seeing.

WHILE WE STRIVE is awarded with the 2nd jury prize at [re]connaissance 2016 in Grenoble.

Photo: Bart van der Moeren

Photo: Jochem Jurgens

Photo: Jochem Jurgens

Photo: Jochem Jurgens

Photo: Jochem Jurgens



Top 5 best performances of 2015: "Intelligent and insightful. (...) who goes along with the exhilarating sounds is in for an arousing hour." - Francine van der Wiel, NRC Handelsblad

"Spectators who commit emerge revitalised." - Jacq. Algra, Het Parool

"Definitely an experience that is hard to forget.” - Davide Cocchiara, Dance Europe

Best performance of 2015: "In WHILE WE STRIVE choreography, light and sound are completely attuned and lift each other to a higher level." - Maaike Zeegers, Dansmagazine

"WHILE WE STRIVE is an exceptional and intense performance." - Evelien van de Sanden, 8WEEKLY

"Schuitemaker excites the senses. (...) The tension is visible, tangible and perhaps you can even smell and taste it a bit." - Joris van Laak, Brabants Dagblad


Concept and creation: Arno Schuitemaker
Performed by: Ivan Ugrin, Audrey Apers, Revé Terborg
Dramaturgy: Guy Cools
Lighting design: Ellen Knops
Sound concept and composition: Massimo Cervini
Costumes: Carlijn Petermeijer
Technique: Natasja Giebels

WHILE WE STRIVE is a production by SHARP/ArnoSchuitemaker in coproduction with DansBrabant. The production is funded by Performing Arts NL, VSBfonds, Fonds 21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, bkkc, Provincie Noord-Brabant and the Dutch Embassy in Paris, and supported by CN D Centre national de la danse (Pantin), La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie (Toulouse) and The Abrons Arts Center (New York City). With thanks to ICK Amsterdam.

World premiere After After at Julidans in Amsterdam on July 7th →